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V O L J Podcast Interview

Tom Iselin

Social Entrepreneur


In the late 80’s, Tom Iselin was a stock options trader on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. At age 30, after writing and selling a pioneering software program that managed traders’ risk, Tom was on top of the world—so he thought.

 Then, after a near-death experience, Tom decided to exchange his selfish lifestyle for a meaningful life of helping others.

 For 20 years, Tom has been passionate about using his background in finance, philanthropy, and nonprofit management to help nonprofits fulfill their noble missions more efficiently and effectively . . . and with a lot fewer headaches.

Along the way, Tom has started or helped build some of the nation’s most admired nonprofits including The Hunger Coalition, Natural High, Environmental News Network, Sun Valley Adaptive Sports, and many others including Higher Ground, one of America’s largest sports therapy programs that rehabilitates men and women that have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Tom’s work to improve the landscape of social change is well known across the country. His books, workshops, and talks have touched tens of thousands—all in an effort to help nonprofits build gold standard nonprofits by doing what works and what’s right, not what’s convenient or easy.

Listen now to Tom's Voice of La Jolla interview; there's no doubt you'll "profit" from the experience.