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V O L J Podcast Interview
  Alex Spinos

UFOlogist &

Holistic Health Practitioner

Listen now as La Jolla UFOlogist and Ancient Civilizations researcher Alex Spinos reveals his certainty in the existence of extra-terrestrial life on earth as a result of his 15-years of fact finding and study. The Holistic Health Practitioner, whose focus is on Touch Therapy, hails from Cleveland, Ohio.

After serving four years in the USAF during Vietnam he returned to civilian life and four years of schooling at Case Western Reserve University. Alex’s professional resume includes a 15-year stint as a Registered Radiology Technologist; 13 years as a Registered Nuclear Medicine Technologist; being recognized as the First Ultrasound Technologist in world and holding that position for 8 years.

In 1983 he received his MBA degree and was promoted to a hospital administrative CEO slot and served in that capacity for 8 years. Spinos moved to California in 1975 and began his current 23-year career as a Massage Therapist/Bodyworker and Holistic Health Practitioner.

He developed his own methodology for treating soft tissue pain and is known inter-nationally as one of the world’s premier bodyworkers. Alex says, “I’m not aware of anyone anywhere who gets the results I do. People come from all over US and Mexico to have me work on them, including a Mexican Ambassador, Cirque de Soliel performers, and others from all walks of life.

Rather than presenting management seminars as part of his longtime corporate identity, Alex has switched gears and has been studying (15 years) and lecturing for ten years about the “History of UFO's in Ancient Mythology”; “The Sumerian Tablets”; The Parallel Universe-“My real life expedition to a window into another world”, and, of course, his professional passion: “The Power of Touch.”