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  V O L J Podcast Interview


Laurnie Durisoe

& Larry Jackman

Owners, The Pantai Inn

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The Heimburge family tree has roots that run deep under La Jolla’s hospitality industry garden. Listen now as third generation owners, brother and sister team Laurnie (nee Jackman) Durisoe and Larry Jackman, along with their mother Helen, of the internationally acclaimed Pantai Inn, as they describe their adventures in remodeling an historic La Jolla hotel property.


Consummate marketing pro Laurnie Durisoe was born into the family business and at the age of 13 was actively employed in the La Jolla hotel trade. Raised in La Mesa and a graduate of Grossmont High School and San Diego State, Laurnie’s current volunteer activity resume contains an impressive list of civic engagement which includes her 20 years as a La Jolla Rotary Club member; 20 years as a San Diego USO board member; as a Center for World Music board member, and eight years serving as a director of the Northeast Texas Film Commission.

Dividing her time between La Jolla and her home in Palestine, Texas, Laurnie has lent her promotional energies to the economic redevelopment of Palestine’s downtown core by assisting with the restoration of its historic buildings; one such way was her creation of a 6000 sq. ft. yuletide Santa ‘s Village in one of the vacated buildings. Its success in drawing huge numbers back to the downtown area won her the Grand Marshal’s spot in a Christmas parade.

Laurnie prides herself for successfully navigating the waters of two of San Diego’s primary industries: the military and tourism.  


A native San Diegan, Larry Jackman was raised in the La Mesa/Mt. Helix area.  From the age of eight, Larry began his introduction into the family’s hotel and shoe store businesses, availing himself of every opportunity to work alongside his father and grandfather.
By the age of fourteen, he was actively working in the family business.  Upon graduating Monte Vista High School, Larry Jackman attended the University of San Diego.  In 1973, he became a San Diego County Reserve Deputy Sheriff by special action of the then California Governor Ronald Reagan. 

Larry Jackman was one of only two people to be allowed to become a California Peace Officer at the age of eighteen.  In 1980, Larry took over as General Manager of his family’s hotel business, elevating it to national and international prominence.  Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, he actively participated in local and state hotel trade associations, as well as achieving CHA certification.  

In 1992, Larry entered the political arena and was elected to the San Miguel Fire District board of directors where he served twenty years, retiring in 2012.  During that time, Larry was instrumental in founding the San Diego County/Imperial County Regional Communications System which virtually all emergency response agencies are still using today. 

In 2010, along with his sister Laurnie Durisoe and mother Helen, began developing what is now one of the preeminent boutique hotels of the world, Pantai Inn.





The Panti Inn

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