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Watch "Trouble" video below

On three separate occasions we caught these guys and their act as one of the featured street bands playing in last year’s Haute La Jolla Nights music series. Their appointed staging area was in front of the Chase Bank on Girard Avenue. The corner bank’s architecture is such that it played as a perfect band shell, amplifying the already full brass sound, ricochetting the blare up and down the block. Whenever they began a set, large appreciative crowds of all ages were instantly attracted. The joyful music and the obvious friendships of the group’s members played well, upping their likeability factor by ten.

Founded at La Jolla High School in early 2010 by members of the water polo team (Christian Clark, Patrick Hallahan, and Declan Halloran), Neveready is a ska-centered band with a twist; featuring current and former students. Founding drummer Declan Halloran is the son of longtime local radio DJ Michael Halloran.

Halloran says the seven-member group is often lumped in with the local ska contingent. “When we started four years ago my dad was the one who told us not to do the typical ska thing. He urged us to look at other styles and try to reach out to a wider audience.”

The young Halloran and his bandmates made sure they did not fall into a ska rut. “We saw how repetitive the other bands could sound,” says guitarist/vocalist Christian Clark, who played sax in La Jolla High’s jazz band. “The trend nowadays is to take old-school ska and just speed it up, which is cool, but that is not the direction we wanted to go...we realized we had to go into the roots of ’60s Jamaica dance halls. We throw in Motown, funk, soul, dub, hip-hop, and abstract swing.”

To address the lack of venues that support their sound they take their music, literally, to the people, “We make our own shows by playing random places in the street. Our first one was at Mission Beach near the roller coaster. We also played in front of Mr. Frostie’s in Pacific Beach and near the Crystal Pier on the boardwalk. When we play Mission Beach, we bring a generator. Otherwise, it’s acoustic. The police are cool as long as there isn’t a crowd blocking the boardwalk. We’ve done dozens of street shows.”

The band schedules its gigs around the hometown visits of Clark, who attends UC Berkeley and is currently studying in Santiago, Chile, and sax player Patrick Hallahan, a senior at Cal Poly.
Their Voice of La Jolla interview displays their personalities perfectly. I asked a lot of the same questions that most reporters would touch upon out of necessity, however, today you get to HEAR their responses. Their good natures are evident and the humor is rich. I know you’ll enjoy meeting them as much as I did.

I’ve become a fan!





2013 – Trouble