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V O L J Podcast Interview

Steam Powered Giraffe

Musical Pantomime Troupe

Check out Honeybee and Hold Me (New!) videos below

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Steam Powered Giraffe rolled across my radar during a phone call with Ken Christensen, a displaced La Jollan now living in Florida.
A college professor of his alerted him to a video of a group that he relished; noting that it was shot in La Jolla and that, for old times’ sake, Ken might enjoy seeing the background as well as appreciating the group. The professor was right on both counts!

Ken – also my web master – knew that SPG would be a great fit for Voice of La Jolla, and was insistent that I interview them as well as feature their terrific “Honey Bee” production on our home page.

The popularity of SPG is has been building steadily over several years locally, nationally, and, as we note, even internationally. Why? Maybe it’s because of their make-up and costuming, which certainly is attention-getting, or, perhaps it’s simply because they’re incredibly talented, practiced and dedicated to their craft while staging music that makes people of all ages happy.

Their music, like the Beatles’, is intergenerational. How often does that happen?

It’s impossible to categorize SPG. Their playlist ranges from disco to country to pop. Mixing the shuffle-play music with captivating visuals and strong interaction with their audiences creates an unforgettable experience.

Watch their video and then listen to our interview with Christopher “Bunny” Bennett. I came away from the conversation with a respect for their hard scrambling San Diego-busking roots coupled with their never-say-done ambition; admiration for their cooked to perfection harmonies, and special appreciation for smart marketing. They are the rare entertainment success story and I’ve become a fan!

visit their website at

Art by Bunny Bennett
visit website





Hold Me


Brass Goggles – A GREAT jam!


SPG Power Half Hour - 8/21/15