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Eyes On Cancer

Advancing The Prevention And Early Detection Of Cancer
Through Education In The Beauty Industry.




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Dr. Dean Foster

Jeanne Foster

Jessica Harper
one of the stylists at 18|8 proudly displaying her “Certified Eyes On Cancer” certificate

Eyes On Cancer is a non-profit cancer awareness organization that provides the salon professional the skills to identify early stage skin cancer.

The vision of Eyes On Cancer is the teaming of salon service providers with medical professionals intent on lowering the fatality rates of melanoma without causing harm through prevention and early detection.

Sometimes it’s truer than true that only your hairdresser really knows for sure!

For Immediate Release (La Jolla, CA)

EYES ON CANCER Foundation Teams With 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons of La Jolla

Introduces New Approach To Early Detection Of Skin Cancer

A simple, sensible new approach to early detection aims to significantly reduce skin cancer deaths worldwide.

Eyes On Cancer is a Beauty/Grooming industry initiative which trains hair stylists, barbers, and cosmeticians to advise clients when early signs of skin cancer are observed.

La Jolla native Dr. Dean Foster, orthopedic surgeon and cancer educator, teams with his wife, iconic hairdresser Jeanne Braa Foster, former stage partner of Paul Mitchell himself until he lost his battle with cancer, to unite beauty/grooming professionals and the medical profession to fight cancer by focusing on the enormous advantage garnered by early detection. Jeanne told us; “This is Dr. Dean’s idea, and is his gift to the beauty industry and to the world!”

Melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body, can be treated effectively when caught early, saving lives. The goal of this initiative is to bring proactive, “eyes-on” skin cancer awareness and detection to communities via the professionals who are focused on the scalp, neck and shoulder areas that people cannot see for themselves.

Eyes On Cancer has trained the entire staff of 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons of La Jolla in skin cancer awareness, earning it the designation “Certified Eyes On Cancer Salon”.

Commemorating the salon’s certification, Jeanne Braa Foster said: “Thank you 18/8, for your commitment to add value to the service you provide your clients, and to help fund education and research for the cure of melanoma.”



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