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Instrumental World Music

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Watch their video "Illumination"
Live at 2013 California Worldfest 07"
below or on our Music Video

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An exotic melody accompanies a desert caravan moving beneath a blazing sun. The sound of waves wash against a pristine South American beach. A lone flamenco guitar echoes through the cobbled streets of old Sevilla. And a lilting three quarter time rhythm conjures images of the rolling green hills of Ireland. The music is cinema. It is sound given shape and color. This is the music of Incendio.

Incendio, simply put, is instrumental world music. The primary “voice” of the band is the guitar, but to say the music of Incendio is solely guitar music would be an oversimplification. The guitar is certainly present, but other instruments such as the mandolin, bouzouki, violin, Celtic harp, piano, bass, synthesizer and various ethnic percussion instruments play a huge role in the ensemble’s sound. American musicologist Donald Grout is credited as saying that only instrumental music, which is “pure music free from the burden of words”, can convey the deepest emotions of the composer. And for this reason, the evocative titles of the songs are very much there to help shape or guide the listener’s experience.

Formed in the summer of 1999 by Jim Stubblefield, Jean-Pierre Durand and Liza Carbé, Incendio (which means “fire” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) became a vehicle for the influences and compositional talents of the three musicians. Echoes of music ranging from classical, to jazz, to rock, to flamenco, to Celtic, to even bluegrass can be heard in Incendio’s music. It is no surprise that this eclectic blend of influences has led to a sound that is a truly unique one.

While categorizing music seems to be often necessary, Incendio’s sound is hard to place in any one specific box and this has sometimes been cited as “a blessing and a curse” by the group. The “blessing” is the vast array of influences that the band can draw upon when creating their sound and the “curse” often being the lack of attention that instrumental music, of any kind, often gets by mainstream media. Since their music defies easy characterization, it is the smaller radio markets, college radio, and more recently internet radio like Pandora, Spotify and Jango where the burgeoning support for the band has grown exponentially over the last few years.

Incendio’s richly textured music is rooted in myriad sources: Carbé’s flamenco and classical guitar training as well as her Sicilian ancestry, Durand’s Peruvian heritage, Stubblefield’s European travels, not to mention Durand’s penchant for rock-style dramatics and Stubblefield’s lightning-fingered neo-classical guitar mastery. Carbé’s deceptively graceful bass and guitar playing grounds Durand and Stubblefield’s dazzling twin-guitar attack, resulting in fascinating sonic explorations that take on an even greater dimension when joined with longtime friends – percussionist Bryan Brock and drummer Nicole Falzone.

From New Mexico to Texas to Washington DC to Connecticut, Incendio will continue to share their energy, fire and vision with current and future fans! .




Live at 2013 California Worldfest 07