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Peggy Hinaekian

Artist, Author and Raconteur

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858.551.8819 California
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Peggy Hinaekian is an internationally recognized, well established  European/American artist of Armenian origin, born in Cairo, Egypt.

Her education includes that of being a graduate of the Italian Academy of Art "Leonardo da Vinci", Rome; studying the History of Art at McGill University, Montreal; certification by the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, and the Centre for Contemporary Prints, Geneva, Switzerland.

Her award-winning art has been exhibited internationally and can be found in numerous corporate and private[arrow-10x10.png] collections. Seen on the walls of the most prestigious galleries in the world, Peggy Hinaekian's work consists of oil and acrylic on canvas and on paper and limited edition original etchings. Her canvasses are mostly abstract renditions of imaginary landscapes in warm earth tones and variations of blues, sometimes with collages and texture.

Her etchings are distributed by Christie's Contemporary Art of London and Editions Francony of France.  She works in Switzerland and in the United States with studios in Florida and California.

Not to be confined to the north American continent, she has also participated[arrow-10x10.png] in numerous international biennials and triennials and art fairs and also exhibited in Museums in Paris, Geneva, Floence and the United States, and also at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Her paintings are effectively quiet, atmospheric, whimsical, dreamy, imaginary and poetic and have a soothing effect on the viewer, unlike the artist. Peggy is an outspoken, flamboyant personality who is conversant on anything that piques her interest, and that includes most everything.

Before becoming a professional artist she had a formal career as a fashion designer in New York.

Meet Miss Peggy. Listen to her interview now with the foreknowledge that you’re going to be artfully entertained.