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V O L J Podcast Interview

Mel Bartholomew

Creator of The Square Foot Gardening System

Author, TV Personality, Lecturer, Teacher

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Mel Bartholomew Website

Square Foot Gardening Website



Graduate of Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering. Built his own Consulting Engineering Firm specializing in site and utility design.

Was nominated to be included in Who’s Who, Congress Hall of Fame, and New Jersey Famous Engineers.

Sold his company and retired as a successful innovator and businessman in the engineering field at the age of 42.

Took up gardening as a hobby, but then set out to solve the frustrations of most gardeners, “To replace the traditional wasteful single row gardening method with a better way to garden, one that’s more efficient, more manageable, and less work.” His answer was to invent the Square Foot Gardening system.

His first book “Square Foot Gardening” became America’s largest selling gardening book ever, over a million copies sold. His Square Foot Gardening TV series ran on PBS, Discovery Channel, and Learning Channel for eight years—winter shows filmed at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and then retired again.

Left retirement a second time to create the non-profit Square Foot Gardening Foundation, to bring better gardening to all people of all ages, around the world, including an innovative “Garden in Every School program[arrow-10x10.png]. named “A Square Yard in the School Yard”.

He has been nominated a second time to be included in the latest Cambridge Who’s Who for his Humanitarian and Horticulture work with his invention of the Square Foot Gardening Method as well as awarded the American Biographical 2012 Man of the Year, the International Directory of Professionals for World Hunger Solutions, and Emerald’s Who’s Who in Horticulture.

The SFG Foundation has worked with many other Humanitarian and Aide Organizations around the world in an effort to eliminate world huger by teaching others how to grow their own food. Projects are in India, Africa, South & Central America, Haiti, and the Philippines and many other third world countries.
Mel continues to write, teach, motivate and inspire.