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V O L J Podcast Interview  

Sheila Fortune

Executive Director

La Jolla Merchants Association

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Sheila Fortune, a former business owner in La Jolla, was a prominent member of the volunteer team that came together to form the new management organization for the La Jolla Business Improvement District in early 2011. She was subsequently elected to the Board of Directors and was nominated to the Executive Board of Directors as Secretary.

Sheila sold her interest in her village restaurant business and resigned her position as a Director and Secretary of the Board. The Executive Committee approached her a few months later to see if she could assist them as Interim Executive Director and in September 2012 she was hired full time.

Ms. Fortune hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Her career on the east coast includes over 25 years of expertise in business management, commercial real estate development, non-profit management, strategic planning, marketing and event planning, as well as extensive expertise in government procurement processes.

Her wealth of knowledge in business is enhanced with her personal knowledge as a former business owner in the Village of La Jolla, along with her expertise of building the LJVMA organization since the inception of LJVMA.