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V O L J Podcast Interview  

Claude-Anthony Marengo D.E.S.A.

(Diplome De L’Ecole Speciale D’Architecture)

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7724 Girard Avenue Second Floor
La Jolla, California 92037
Phone: (858) 459-3769
Cell: (619) 417-1111
Fax: (858) 459-3768



As a child, La Jolla Merchants Association President Claude Anthony Marengo had a front row seat in viewing La Jolla’s mid-century mercantile history unfold as he watched his father, Jean-Claude, open and close restaurants up and down Prospect Street through the 1960’s and ‘70’s when the village was, indeed,
a village.

His school years took him across the United States and from country to country, studying in both Wisconsin and France, which earned him an architect’s license and employment in 1989 with a Parisian firm specializing in family housing, commercial, hotels and educational institutions, bringing him full circle back to La Jolla to found (Claude Anthony) Marengo (Mike) Morton Architects in 2002.

Today, his Girard Street-sited firm engages in building design, residential and commercial planning, project management and coordination, construction administration, along with being hospitality coastal specialists and consultants.
San Diego city government and local community planning associations have grandly benefited from his unique perspectives shared in his many leadership
and consultant roles refined through experiences gained by working on the
global stage.

Both he and his community active wife, Deborah, demonstrably exhibit an intense desire to serve La Jolla through an ever-widening range of volunteer positions.