A VOLJ/Village News Exclusive!

For the past ten months La Jolla resident artist Nasser Pirasteh has been doing battle with the City of San Diego over the definition of an “art piece” set on his property, so described by Nasser, and it being a “structure” as stated by city inspectors
After two hearings where the city held firm (despite the support of La Jollans), the threat of the onerous fines and time line for action were reestablished, ultimately resulting in Nasser’s recent decision to end the fight.
VOLJ radio and the La Jolla Village News learned through an exclusive telephone interview with Mr. Pirasteh that continuing to counter city hall would cost him over $250,000 in fines, causing him financial ruin. Listen now to the rest of the story.




Nasser M. Pirasteh
World Class Artist



6706 Avenida Manana
La Jolla, California 92037

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Nasser Pirasteh is a master of stone, metal, wood, and plaster, combining elements of art, philosophy, and poetry. His studies from 1970 to 1976 at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, gained him a B.A. Arts & Sculpture and M.F.A. Arts & Sculpture & 3-D.

He has a specialization in Public Art and Development. Nasser graduated with distinction in both Undergraduate and Master’s programs with 4.0 GPA. Education awards and honors include: Full scholarships for both Undergraduate and Master’s programs, President’s Award, City Art Council, International Persian Association of Artists, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, plus various other recognitions. He performed as Assistant Professor of Art, 1975 & 1976. In 1976, his Exhibit for his Master’s was a Study in Motion and Physics.

His installations include 22 sculptures (plus various other works) exploring kinetics, wind, water, and magnetism. His works include contemporary/modern sculpture art (many completed with several works-in-progress) coinciding with various perspectives of philosophy, mythology, history, and poetry. Nasser continues to amaze his admirers with ongoing installations and exhibitions emanating from his studio in La Jolla, California.