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Ken Christensen
Author, Literary Publicist, Voice of La Jolla Creative Partner,
Web Site Manager, Entrepreneur and all Around Great Guy!



Lake Wales, Florida

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Swimsuit Issue

Ken Christensen, author, artist and entrepreneur, developed the
Romantic America Book Series in 1990 with his first book
Romantic San Diego. Over the next 13 years he expanded it to 25 books across the U.S. and Canada covering 43 of the continental United States and British Columbia. During this time, he participated in over 400 interviews with the print, radio and television media.

With the aftershocks of 9/11 affecting the travel industry and dealing with his wife Cindy’s debilitating illness, Romantic America fell by the wayside until life balanced out.

In 2004 at age 50, Ken became a swimming pool technician (The Pool Guy) which allowed him a flexible schedule to spend quality time with the love of his life. When she passed away in 2006, Ken rented an apartment on the ocean on the east coast of Florida, and just kind of... watched life go by with his kitty Roxy Hart.

In mid 2007 - bored out of his mind - he wrote and published his 26th book,
I Love My Pool, The Perfect Pool In Five Easy Steps. With the economy up for grabs in 2008, he decided to go back to college - at age 53 – and expanded his knowledge of graphic design and marketing!

For the past three years, Ken has been the Marketing Director at
Sky Powersports of Lake Wales, Florida promoting motorcycles, off-road vehicles, jet skis and more. Specializing in weekly e-mail broadcast and social media, he also designs books and promotes Mark Tosoni, a motivational speaker and has just helped Jonathan Burke release his first book, Safe Is The New Sexy, The Women’s Guide To Personal Safety.

In 2014, he used his graphic design and marketing skills to convert 20+ books to Kindle and promote the Romantic America (now American Adventures) and I Love My Pool e-pub series with the national media.

Throughout his life, Ken has been a positive thinker and go-getter, even though he was told numerous times “The odds are against you!” (Its true!). Even in the occasional bad scenario he has a commendable ability of turning lemons into lemonade; all with a keen (and sometimes warped) sense of humor.


Comic Con 2001