Robert Kenyon
Robert Kenyon: Publisher: Discover North County Magazine, Owner First Cabin Travel





After spending years in service to San Diego as a prosecuting attorney Robert Kenyon changed career paths later in life, following his passion for travel and writing as he created two thriving businesses: a boutique publishing company (Discover North County) along with a tour / travel consultancy (First Cabin Travel).

Kenyon states that through “Discover North County and Discover Ranch Santa Fe magazines he strives to provide readers with excellent literary content that goes beyond food and fashion by presenting articles that enliven the senses in a wide range of diverse topics.” The magazines are either mailed directly into the households and businesses of North County or easily found throughout the northern region in many the fine restaurants, hotels, and professional offices that serve a San Diego readership of distinction.

Established in 1989, First Cabin Travel remains committed to providing the discerning traveler with excellence in the development and operation of itineraries worldwide.

Robert Kenyon, who had his first tour experience overseas to Asia in 1963 with the U.S. Marine Corps returned with a love of Asia and a passion for travel. From the very start, it was his goal to offer the finest touring experience available to destinations worldwide for an astonishingly reasonable price. 

First Cabin offers over 30 years of experience in the planning and operation of worldwide touring. One crucial difference between First Cabin and other travel companies is that Robert personally has visited all of the destinations that he sends clients, writes all of the itineraries within the First Cabin portfolio, and designs individual custom tours for travelers. He does not rely solely upon overseas ground operators to inform him about what is available; he has visited the region first hand to gain an exact knowledge of the conditions, and as importantly, the ground operators fully understand his expectations for First Cabin quality of service to his clientele.

Of the 195 countries recognized within the world community, he has visited 172, some on more than 35 occasions.

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