The Daily Dose: The Black Hole of Productivity
Posted On October 23, 2016

Did you ever get sucked in to a messaging conversation or a thread on Social Media (SM) and just “lose” about a half hour?
Sure you have!

Every one of us has done this. Here’s a more interesting question… does this ever happen to you more than once a day?
Come on!
You know it does!
Now there’s nothing wrong with spending some time people watching on SM, but realize that unless you are a SM marketer, or you get paid to do it… surfing SM is entertainment. It’s brain candy.

So here’s comes the money question…

can you afford to engage in a half hour of entertainment a couple of times a day when you could be producing??

Chances are, you can’t. It’s easy to get faked out, and think we are being productive when we’re just being busy, and the distractions are everywhere.

Here’s some things you can do to get more focused!

And that’s the DOSE!


Brian McIntosh
New Business Development & Success Strategist




Brian McIntosh spent 20 years in Active Duty as a F/A-18 Hornet pilot for the United States Navy.  He has flown over 150 hours of combat missions in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and graduated from the TopGun school as an Adversary instructor.

Today Brian leads a team of over 3000 Independent Representatives in one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and has mentored thousands more through his leadership workshops, effectiveness programs, and online personal transformation seminars.  He has coached people from all around the world on personal and professional effectiveness and specializes in personal development.   

It is the Discipline, Character, Leadership, and Organizational Skills that Brian has developed as a Naval Officer, and the lessons he has learned building successful sales organizations that have formed the foundation of his business and personal success philosophy.  Sharing these ideas, lessons, and skills to help others improve the quality of
their relationships, improve their health and wellness, and increase their bottom line has become his passion.

With the Daily Dose, Brian is sharing the principles that will unlock the results you have been looking for in any area of your life and business!