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Linda Shaffer-Vanaria is a Leading Authority and Thought Leader on EDGE Awareness and EDGE Performance. She has extensive experience working with global leaders in helping them innovate and evolve mindset and best practices to optimize their edge performance for competing priorities, ambiguities and uncertainties. She facilitates leaders in moving with confidence into uncharted and EDGE territory.

She has created models and concepts that enable leaders and their companies to step well outside their comfort zone with confidence and ownership. Linda promotes her clients to evolve and innovate how to connect the dots between their operational day-to-day and strategy so they are aligned and acting upon the most impactful priorities with EDGE Performance Mastery.

On a larger scale, with senior leaders, she engages them strategically in their thinking and communication approaches to balance and amplify impact with the global, international and regional challenges they are facing. Linda also works with leaders to master emotional intelligence in their execution and in particular, with how they are building relationships to support strategic efficiency, effectiveness and morale.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria is a former U.S. Navy Test Pilot, Squadron Commanding Officer and was Director of the U.S. Navy’s Leader Training Unit. Following her tenure in the military, Linda worked for a global oil company as a change agent and has now had her practice for over 11 years.

Expertise: Decisive Engagement, Mindset Shape-Shifting, Blueprinting Instinct, Innovation Principles, Strategic Learning for High Impact Leadership Effectiveness and Team Effectiveness, integrated Behavioral Change and Culture Change.

Significant experience in Leading of Scaled High-Impact Coaching Programs in large organizations and has personally coached more than 1000 leaders and been an integral in numerous programs for leadership development and leadership competency growth.