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Ron J. Jones IS the Voice of La Jolla!

• Largest music library in San Diego, favorite oldies to current hits.

• Thousands of performances, private to corporate. All styles.

• Served fifteen years as president of the San Diego DJ Association.

• President of La Jolla Rotary Club 2011 – 2012

• Host / Emcee La Jolla Concerts By The Sea since 1996

• Professional Emcee / Announcer on radio and TV.

• Considered “Premier” by his peers.

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Party Tips For Your Party: Click for PDF  

Remember the Limbo?

Try going under the limbo stick as a couple.

Bingo is Back!

Sure, it's old school. But it's popular for a reason. It's a great fund raiser if you put some incredible prizes on the receiving dock.

Gambling is in our DNA.

Every city has one or two Casino outfits for hire for any party. Does a dress-up Casino Night sound exciting? ("I'll have a martini, shaken not stirred.") Yes, it may be only play money that you're given to toss around. But the more you win back at any of the many games, that "cash" can be exchanged for raffle tickets with your name on them for any of the great prizes that your host has on display. Is it fun? You bet!

A Tried and True Party Icebreaker!

Every party planner is keen on getting their guests engaged in interactive conversation as they arrive, and that’s not an easy task particularly with shyer folks (and we’re not talking about Hobbits). One of the easiest and fun ways to get guests involved with each other is this: Upon arrival each guest, without seeing it, is given a celebrity name that is either pinned or taped to his or her back. The fun begins when he or she must discover their assigned name by asking questions of the other guests that can only be answered with “yes” or “no”. A prize to be determined by the host can be given to anyone who identifies themselves in an allotted time.

Raffle Dazzle!

For party planners, the problem of dispensing fewer door prizes to a greater number of guests has always been dicey. Calling out the numbers from distributed tickets at the sign-in table is pretty common and guests understand the luck of the draw. However, if you want to make it fun and competitive, try this: Assemble several pages of trivia questions. They’re available on-line, if you’re too busy, contact us, we do have the time to help you. Every correct answer, of course, wins that prize. e.g. "Who is buried in Grants Tomb" (Presdient Grant ). etc.