Michael Fiedler
Music Director La Jolla High School




(858) 454-3081 ext. 204





VOLJ Note: These student comments were mined from RateMyTeacher.com. We thought you’d enjoy reading what Michael’s students have to say about their music department learning experience. We hope that your high school memories are as rich.

• He's an amazing teacher and musician, but the musician part of him always comes second to the teacher part; he often teaches us life lessons in class, via entertaining stories. Will help everyone in class individually if they come see him in his office, where you can always find a candle burning (sometimes they smell gross so be warned). Very dedicated to the program. Well-respected by his students. I've had him every year he's taught here (Muirlands too) and he's definitely my favorite teacher. I wanted to add that regardless of your musical experience, Fiedler has a class you can join. See, he's so great that his own students are going online and promoting the growth of the program. Without him the band would still have only a dozen or so people involved. That number's multiplied by ten since his arrival. Join band. It's great fun. Ok I've definitely strayed from the purpose of this website but yeah! Fiedler is great! But don't eat in the band room!

• One of my favorite teachers ever.

• I had Mr. Fiedler a few years ago at Muirlands. He is a wonderful teacher and even though I no longer take Band, he was really good at getting students engaged. He always told colorful, interesting stories, and seemed very experienced.

• Second to none,a true example of what a music teacher should be.

• Awesome teacher. Be amazingly happy if you get him. Try and get him if you can.

• Mr. Fiedler is by far one of the best teachers I have ever known in my life. He is not only great at conducting the bands at La Jolla High, but is really passionate about music and works very hard to promote music at our school. He's also great with the students, he's very understanding and makes an effort to connect with each student not only through his teaching but as a friend.

• Mr Fiedler is not just the best band teacher I've ever had, he's the best TEACHER I've ever had. Even if you don't know how to play an instrument, join band class and he will teach you how! Makes class fun and let's the students pick some of the music we play. He will even arrange music for rock and hip-hop songs for the class. Definitely one of the best classes at the school. He also runs events like battle of the band for you to be involved in.